Driven by our customers, we develop and produce high-performance opto-mechanical systems and cameras

Nedinsco is a Dutch high-tech company based in Venlo, and specialises in the global development of high-quality systems for the defence, semiconductor, industrial en space market.

Nedinsco has focused on future-oriented solutions since 1921. Nedinsco supplies to a constantly growing group of customers in the defence, semiconductors, diagnostics and space markets, customer focus is key.

Hi-tech company

Why Nedinsco

Customized solutions & design
From development to qualification
All capabilities under one roof
Customer focus is key
Lower total cost of ownership
Solutions for every optical challenge

High-quality systems for the optical, mechanical and electronics markets

Defence market

Nedinsco’s wide range of high-end product quality for the defence market is integrated in excellent tools. The product range is perfectly suited for land and sea systems. Examples of land systems and sea systems are high-end cameras, direct view solutions, sensor platforms and bore sights.

Semiconductor market

In the semiconductor market, Nedinsco specializes in optical systems, assemblies, alignment systems, and measurement and control equipment using the opto-mechatronic competencies. Nedinsco’s development capability, knowledge & experience, and high-quality engineering are recognized by renowned international companies.


Nedinsco develops, produce and supplies optical systems, spectrometers, analytical equipment, photonic sensors and assemblies for the industrial market. Customers are active in the medical world, as well as in the forensic, surveying and materials research industries.


Nedinsco is a leading company and supplier of high-quality optical and mechanical systems for the space market, in particular for satellite building.

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Nedinsco Partner BCS Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands
Nedinsco Partner member of silicon saxony the high-tech network
Nedinsco Partner NIDV Defence & Security