Industrial market


Nedinsco develops and supplies optical systems, spectrometers, analytical equipment, photonic sensors and assemblies for the industrial market. Customers are active in the medical world, as well as in the forensic, surveying and materials research industries. The combination of industrial knowledge, the use of advanced technology systems, product knowledge and innovative skills results in long-term partnerships with satisfied customers.

Taking care of customers’ concerns

Nedinsco has most of the required expertise directly available in-house. This provides a high level of flexibility, in which the one-stop approach and short lines of communication are the keys to fast product updates. The final result is shorter cycle times for total projects, with a low chance of ‘noise’ in communication between the parties. This eliminates any concerns that customers may have in relation to all optomechatronic solutions, with the ability to respond effectively if required at any stage of the process.


With state-of-the-art optical systems, Nedinsco guarantees the right technology and expertise at the highest level for the fast-moving national and international markets. That’s reassuring for tomorrow’s demanding professionals.

Products industrial market

DCR 10

Co-designed and customized camera system

In cooperation with Cylcomedia

DCR 10

The D(igital) C(ylorama) R(ecording) system is a co-designed and customized camera system. The DCR is an on-vehicle system to capture the base data for geo-referenced panoramic imagery data. The data is used by customers in infrastructure (inspection), insurance (risk analyses), utilities (planning and execution) and real estate (view and inspect objects)

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