Nedinsco is delivering opto – mechantronical assemblies to Carl Zeiss SMT for the semiconductor market for many years. Due to an intense sales effort, Nedinsco managed to penetrate also in Carl Zeiss Meditec. After a successful route in offering a opto – mechantronical assy, Nedinsco is now asked to offer large numbers of different kind of assemblies.

Semi-conductor market

In the semiconductor market, Nedinsco specialises in optical systems, assemblies, alignment systems, and measurement and control equipment. Nedinsco’s development capability and high-quality engineering are recognised by renowned international companies.

Constant development

Nedinsco designs, develops and produces optical modules for guidance and high-precision parts, as well as optical modules for alignment, measurement and control. Those are supplied to semiconductor parties and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Nedinsco has impressive strengths in the semiconductor world through its in-depth, in-house expertise, with a constant focus on the customer.

In-house expertise

Nedinsco has direct, in-house access to all the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge. Nedinsco distinguishes their self with the supply of high-tech equipment that meets the demands of the semiconductor industry, both today and in the future. The combination of dedication, inspiration, creativity ensures that Nedinsco constantly leads the way, raising the bar higher every day – working together with customers on a daily basis in a constant drive to reach new and higher standards.

Products semiconductor market

Laser beam assy

laser beam assy

Transporting laserlight in a semiconductor device.

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Alignment tool

alignment tool

Ensuring that products can be re-loaded into a scanner at the exact same position as it was positioned in the scanner for the first time.

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Alignment tool

alignment tool semiconductor

Aligning reticle in semiconductor device.

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Motor support

motor suppor

A motor support is a shock absorber which ensures that a motor in semiconductor equipment operates without vibration.

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Thrust bearing

thrust bearing

A vacuum piston that is glued into a glass base.

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Corner Cube

corner cube

Component guiding laserlight inside a semiconductor device.

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Meterology instrument

Meterology instrument

A metrology instrument, incorporating mechanics, optics and electronics, for accurate measurement and control of the position of the central laser beam.

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A metrology instrument, incorporating mechanics, optics and electronics, for accurate measurement of laser beam intensity.

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