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Nedinsco is a Dutch hightech company based in Venlo, specializing in developing innovative solutions for optical, mechanical, and electronic markets. Founded in 1921, Nedinsco has a vast experience in developing top-class products with a first-time-right-score of 98%.

Our mission as hi tech company is to deliver high-quality, value-driven solutions supported by world-class customer service. Our intelligent and efficient semiconductors drive profitable growth in fast-growing markets, giving our clients an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Hi tech company Nedinsco supplies the market with hi tech optical-mechanical products. All products are, or custom made, or customer modified according to the highest specification and quality level.

Dutch High-tech Company

Nedinsco is a Dutch high-tech company based in Venlo, and specialises in the global development of high-quality systems for the optical, mechanical and electronics markets. Nedinsco has focused on future-oriented solutions since 1921.

Nedinsco supplies to a constantly growing group of customers in the defence, semiconductors, diagnostics and aerospace markets, customer focus is key.

Meet the team

Our core competencies

  • Development & Design
  • Production
  • Precision Assembly
  • Quality Management
  • Service and Maintenance
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Our experience

Customer satisfaction (94%)
Active in 68 countries
Experience: 97 years
115 employees

Opto-mechatronic Company

Nedinsco is a Dutch high-tech company based in Venlo, and specializes in the global development of high-quality systems for the optical, mechanical and electronics markets. Nedinsco has focused on future-oriented solutions since 1921. Nedinsco supplies to a constantly growing group of customers in the defence market, semiconductor industry, diagnostics, and aerospace markets, customer focus is key.

Nedinsco is responsible for the complete product life-cycle

The benefits for the customer are clear because Nedinsco takes responsibility for the complete product life‑cycle: from the initial customer inquiry, product development, prototyping and series production right through to service and maintenance. Customers can call on Nedinsco for the complete product life-cycle, or alternatively for any part of it.

Hi tech company assurance top-class end-products

Our reliability, experience, high product quality and well-trained personnel provide the assurance of top-class end-products, with the first-time-right score of no less than 98%. The high end-product quality ensures a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is 30% lower than the market average. The long product lifetime is just one of the reasons for this positive TCO score.

Vision and solution

Innovation and quality are the essential drivers that result in a customer satisfaction score of 94%. Customers have a high level of confidence in Nedinsco’s know-how, innovative strength, and ambition in the worlds of mechatronics, optomechanics, and optronics. The strength of the company’s one-stop approach ensures that Nedinsco meets tomorrow’s customer demands today. Current processes can be updated at any time to meet new customer needs and wishes. Nedinsco has the solutions to fulfill customers visions and demands – now and in the future!

Semiconductor company

One of the well known trusted opto-mechanics companies

We want to see you succeed, make our employees happy, and increase our value to our shareholders. We’re here to help you do the things you’ve never done before.

With more than 97 years of experience as one of the well known trusted semiconductor companies, we provide clients with groundbreaking products that disrupt and change entire industries. We target markets with a growing need for semiconductor technology including the defense, industrial, and aerospace market.

The team of 115 employees at Nedinsco semiconductor company works efficiently to solve problems and supply you with systems that help support your needs. Whether you’re a solopreneur attempting to make a revolutionary new product or a corporate engineering team with a goal to accomplish a seemingly impossible task, Nedinsco is your partner in creating tomorrow’s innovations.

Our team

Geert Smits

Managing Director

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Sandra Verheijen


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Mario Driessen

Sales Director
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Stefan Van Neer

Sales manager Defence

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Bob Retera

Sales Manager Semiconductor & Industrial

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Peter Görlach

Sales manager Defence
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Krispijn Vroom

Manager Purchasing
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Emiel Lacet

Sales manager Defence
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Job Wienen

Marketing Manager
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Hans Teunissen

Customer Support Manager
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Ludo Geraets

Sales Manager Semicon & Industrial
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Bernard van Duinen

Manager planning & logistics
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Why choose Nedinsco as a partner?

These Qualities Are What Define Nedinsco Brand.

Hi-tech company  who works 100% efficient

Our semiconductor company is just as efficient as the products we manufacture. We understand the fast-paced nature of this industry and make sure to catch up with the ever-increasing demands of our clients. We aim to solve your problems in time before your competitors can. We also ensure that all your questions are addressed as quickly as possible.

Continuously improving our manufacturing processes

Nedinsco has a dedicated team of developers that continuously improve our manufacturing processes creating smarter interfaces that allow us to produce quality, reliable products in larger volumes. In addition, we also focus on evaluating all our working devices looking for new ways to enhance them.

Innovative company in the semiconductor industry

We thrive on new ideas. If we see that there’s room for improvement, we work hard on creating groundbreaking solutions and we don’t stop until we get there. We are one of the semiconductor companies that values bold ideas and continuously push boundaries that allow us to achieve new heights. That’s just what we do.


We are committed to making a lasting difference in the industries that we serve particularly the defense market, as well as the industrial, aerospace, and semiconductor market. Our innovations allow clients to go above and beyond resulting in higher margins and a strong cash flow generation.

Top-class products with a long lifetime

We can guarantee that your product lasts with you for a very long time with a total cost of ownership being only 30% lower than the market average. Our experience and reliability allow us to create top-class products with a long lifetime.

Collaboration in the workplace

Our team drives the success of our business. We value collaboration in the workplace and encourage growth through talent development. This allows our employees to maximize their full potential and inspire more innovative ideas.

Opto-mechatronic company 

We follow responsible practices across all our processes ensuring that we create as little environmental impact as possible. We strive to use the minimum natural resources required and reduce all types of waste.

We treat each problem as an opportunity to build something better. It pushes us to make revolutionary changes that make the future more interesting. Our team of engineers at Nedinsco love thinking out of the box and the more challenging a problem is, the better chances we have of creating breakthrough products that disrupt the industry.

These values are at the heart of our semiconductor company. With almost a century of experience in the semiconductor industry, Nedinsco belongs to the well known trusted companies and is your best partner for driving innovation, growth, and shared success.