Space market

Nedinsco is a leading supplier of high-quality optical and mechanical systems for the space market, in particular for satellite building.

Optomechanical modules

Together with other leading parties, Nedinsco offers extremely lightweight, ultra-compact precision optomechanical modules. These enable laser-based satellite communication. Co-design and manufacturing of optical modules, as well as the assembly of optical elements and extensive testing, are carried out by Nedinsco in Venlo. Key aspects here include environmental requirements, risk reduction and tolerance analysis.

Space project

Nedinsco worked on a space program during the period 2014-2017. Nedinsco did the industrialization of this space program:

  • Selecting the partners in industry able to supply the parts and their coatings;
  • Mechanical design;
  • Opto-mechanical tolerance analysis;
  • Production of all mechanical parts (special aluminum alloys, titanium, invar);
  • Precision gluing of the optics in the mounts;
  • Sub-assembling;
  • In house pre-qualification;
  • Selecting the partners to test all required parameters.

Illustration space project

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