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Defence market

Nedinsco’s wide range of high-quality products for the defence market is integrated in excellent equipment. The product range is ideally suited to land and sea systems. Examples are high-end cameras, direct view solutions, sensor platforms and boresights.

Semiconductor market

In the semiconductor market, Nedinsco specialises in optical systems, assemblies, alignment systems, and measurement and control equipment using the opto-mechatronic competencies. Nedinsco’s development capability and high-quality engineering are recognised by renowned international companies.


Nedinsco develops and supplies optical systems, spectrometers, analytical equipment, photonic sensors and assemblies for the diagnostic market. Customers are active in the medical world, as well as in the forensic, surveying and materials research industries.


Nedinsco is a leading supplier of high-quality optical and mechanical systems for the space market, in particular for satellite building.


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the BAA II camera is the next generation mission-approved observation and reconnaissance system. The sensor head, which can also be operated dismounted from the vehicle on a tripod, combines five high-performance sensors: a 3rd generation thermal imager, a high-resolution CCD camera, a laser rangefinder, a laser target illuminator/pointer and a clip-on laser target designator. The system can be easily integrated into an existing information and command system and can be expanded at any time due to its modular design. An automatic motion detection supports the user even on longer missions. The image fusion function combines the data from the thermal imager and the CCD camera to provide a fused image.


Back up sight systemBack up sight system

Back up Sight

Safety First With Our Direct-sighting Device For Armoured Vehicles

During complete loss of electrical power, still being able to see is a big gamechanger for gunners and commanders. The backup sight is a proven technology that’s field already. This direct-sighting device is used in new and retrofit programs for armoured vehicles.

Back up Sights For Different Calibers And Vehicles

The back-up sight can be customized, to be used with different calibers and vehicles. The backup sight is a direct-sighting device, combining high-end optics with a flexible fiber bundle.

Nedinsco’s unique strengths lie in the fact that its products extend from unique concepts and prototypes right to series production and Integrated Logistics Support.


The Bellatrix camera is the solution to see in the dark, without using light or infrared. Even during an ‘overcast night without moonlight’:  0,0001 lux (0,1 mlx) you have a perfect picture. The camera is based on Nedinsco’s unique Ruggedized Continuous Optical Zoom Module, the system provides a stable line of sight even if mounted directly onto the gun.


Nedinsco’s wide range of high-quality products for the defence market can be strategically integrated into military equipment. The product range is ideally suited to land and sea systems. Examples are high-end cameras, direct view solutions, sensor platforms and boresights. Nedinsco develops the most accurate boresights for the defence market.

Improved Effectiveness of Your Weapon With Nedinsco Boresight For Military

The effectiveness of a gun depends substantially on the alignment of the gun barrel in respect to the aiming device. The better the alignment to each other the greater the chance of a hit with the first round.

Nedinsco Boresights is used to check and correct the alignment of the gun with respect to the aiming device. The customized Boresights are the most accurate Boresights found on today’s military market.


The Claire camera is a cooled mid-wave thermal imager. The Claire thermal camera is designed for smooth integration into targeting and observation systems. The Claire camera meets military requirements and is currently used in vehicles and on vessels (army and navy). The camera is designed to operate day and night, through smoke and fog. The Claire camera provides excellent images, also during 24 hours operation.

Condor HD-day sight camera

With its modular design, excellent Line of Sight, 10 times optical continuous zoom, 4 times digital continuous zoom, the Condor HD is the best full HD day sight camera on today’s market. The system has a fast acting zoom and focus and beside that it is the perfect choice for, tracking, target acquisition applications. Due to the easy integration, the camera can be fitted into new, retrofit and modernization programs.


The close observation camera (COS-HD) is a small colour camera with panoramic sight (60° Horizontal field of view) and a compact design. It’s ideal for situational awareness around the vehicle and to the easy integration the camera can be fitted into new, retrofit and modernization programs.

DCR 10

Co-designed and customized camera system

In cooperation with Cylcomedia

DCR 10

The D(igital) C(ylorama) R(ecording) system is a co-designed and customized camera system. The DCR is an on-vehicle system to capture the base data for geo-referenced panoramic imagery data. The data is used by customers in infrastructure (inspection), insurance (risk analyses), utilities (planning and execution) and real estate (view and inspect objects)



The EOTS is a stabilised and ruggedised 24-hour day / night observation and targeting system for tanks and anti-aircraft applications. Targets can be immediately engaged at longrange with high precision. The system accommodates 3 powerful sensors: a third generation thermal imager, a highly sensitive day sight CCD zoom camera and an eyesafe laser rangefinder. The mission tested reconnaissance and targeting capabilities of the EOTS are further enhanced by the new integrated automatic tracking system. This small, lightweight platform can be easily integrated into any vehicle or anti-aircraft system and upgraded due to its modular design.

The sensor platforms EOTS and BAA II have been developed through intensive collaboration with Hensoldt.

Space project

Nedinsco worked on a space program during the period 2014-2017.
Nedinsco did the industrialization of this space program:

  • Selecting the partners in industry able to supply the parts and their coatings;
  • Mechanical design;
  • Opto-mechanical tolerance analysis;
  • Production of all mechanical parts (special aluminum alloys, titanium, invar);
  • Precision gluing of the optics in the mounts;
  • Sub-assembling;
  • In house pre-qualification;
  • Selecting the partners to test all required parameters.

Spy Eye

The Spy Eye can be used for almost any military vehicle, having a need for an optical direct view through, for instance, the rear ramp door. The optical field of view is minimal 120°. Therefore, the Spy Eye is covering sufficient area to have a save, quickly and smooth dismemberment procedure.