Nedinsco’s wide range of high-quality products for the defence market can be strategically integrated into military equipment. The product range is ideally suited to land and sea systems. Examples are high-end cameras, direct view solutions, sensor platforms and boresights. Nedinsco develops the most accurate boresights for the defence market.

Improved Effectiveness of Your Weapon With Nedinsco Boresight For Military

The effectiveness of a gun depends substantially on the alignment of the gun barrel in respect to the aiming device. The better the alignment to each other the greater the chance of a hit with the first round.

Nedinsco Boresights is used to check and correct the alignment of the gun with respect to the aiming device. The customized Boresights are the most accurate Boresights found on today’s military market.

Core characteristics Boresights

  • Highest alignment precision
  • Simple operating concept
  • Ruggedized
  • Operates without power
  • Direct sight: integrated reticle
  • No adjustments needed
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Customized calibre boresights and reticle available on request
  • Easy/flexible integration and commutable
  • Unique clamping system

Images Boresights

Nedinsco Serves Defence and Military Customers Worldwide

Governments, ministries and OEMs in the upper echelons of the defence market regard Nedinsco as a reliable knowledge partner and optical systems developer.

We are able to develop and produce custom made solutions like the Boresight thanks to close partnerships with our long-term military customers. Nedinsco supplies to a constantly growing group of customers in the defence worldwide.

More Information About Our Boresight For The Defence & Military Market

If you are interested in a demonstration or would like to know more about what we have offer in terms of optical solutions for the defence market, please feel free to contact us.

The Nedinsco Boresight offers customized solutions

Customized caliber boresights and reticle are available on request. Below you can find 3 examples of the different boresights we offer:

  • Boresight small
  • Boresight medium
  • Boresight large

All our boresights have a unique and easy clamping system.

Nedinsco supplies the market with high tech optical-mechanical products. All products are, or custom made, or customer modified according to the highest specification and quality level. Nedinsco is a supplier of the following products: