Condor HD-day sight camera

With its modular design, excellent Line of Sight, 10 times optical continuous zoom, 4 times digital continuous zoom, the Condor is the best full HD day sight camera on today’s market. The system has a fast acting zoom and focus and beside that it is the perfect choice for, tracking, target acquisition applications. Due to the easy integration the camera can be fitted into new, retrofit and modernization programs.

Core characteristics Condor Full-HD Sight Camera

  • Tracking
  • Reconnaissance
  • Target acquisition
  • Full HD colour camera
  • 10x Optical zoom (continuous)
  • Switchable IR cut-off filter
  • Easy integration and quick to use
  • 4x Digital zoom (continuous) / Excellent Line Of Sight
  • Fast acting zoom and focus / Ruggedized
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Images Condor

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