Sensor Platforms


Stabilised and ruggedized sensor platform

The EOTS is a stabilised and ruggedised 24-hour day / night observation and targeting system for tanks and anti-aircraft applications. Targets can be immediately engaged at longrange with high precision. The system accommodates 3 powerful sensors: a third generation thermal imager, a highly sensitive day sight CCD zoom camera and an eyesafe laser rangefinder. The mission tested reconnaissance and targeting capabilities of the EOTS are further enhanced by the new integrated automatic tracking system. This small, lightweight platform can be easily integrated into any vehicle or anti-aircraft system and upgraded due to its modular design.

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Stabilised and ruggedized pan tilt platform

The BAA II is the next generation mission-approved observation and reconnaissance system. The sensorhead, which can also be operated dismounted from the vehicle on a tripod, combines five high performance sensors: a 3rd generation thermal imager, a high-resolution CCD camera, a laser rangefinder, a laser target illuminator / pointer and a clip-on laser targetdesignator. The system can be easily integrated into an existing information and commandsystem, and can be expanded at any time due to its modular design. An automatic motion detection supports the user even on longer missions. The image fusion function combines the data from the thermal imager and the CCD camera to provide a fused image.

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The sensor platforms EOTS and BAA II have been developed through intensive collaboration with Hensoldt.

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Nedinsco is a Dutch opto-mechatronic company based in Venlo and specialises in the global development of high-quality camera’sdirect sight systems, sensor platforms and boresight systems.